Hollywood Game Night

Game nights typically consist of board games, decks of cards or dominoes but rarely do they have celebrity appearances and large cash prizes. One of my newest TV obsessions these days is Hollywood Game Night on NBC.

My husband and I have really gotten into the show and compete along with the TV on a weekly basis. This weekend we had a bunch of friends over for a big turkey dinner game night and I instead of the same old, same old, I created my own version of the show. To keep things simple I chose four of the games that didn’t require visuals. These were How Do you Doo?, In Other Words, Take the Hint and TV ID. My twelve friends split up into two teams of six and I hosted the game. To prepare for the game I spent quite a few hours figuring out how the game would work without all of the show props and putting together new questions and answers. I didn’t want to use ones we saw on TV in case any of my guests watched the show. Lucky and unlucky for me none of them had seen it but I think that made it all the more fun! Everyone got very competitive and liked it so much they had me do my bonus round tie breaker (even though there wasn’t a tie) and played How Do you Doo? a second time.

If anyone out there wants to spice up their game night get in teams and play Hollywood Game Night! You can easily make up your own game by doing a few quick and easy Google searches but they did just announce tonight that they now offer an actual board game for you to purchase and play at home. So get your friends together and get playing…you won’t regret it!


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