Easy *Cheap* Crackle Paint

There are so many cute decorations I want to place around my house but unfortunately I’m not made of money. To keep up with my inner designer (I may or may not have an HGTV obsession and think I’m the next Joanna Gaines), I have to either make do with what I have and try to reinvent how I display it or I have to get crafty and make something new. Don’t get me wrong, I still splurge on the concessional decor items but I would go broke if I bought every decoration I thought would look cool in my house.

Lately (I repeat LATELY…part of my search for a hobby), I have been into hand lettering and making my own signs. *Hand lettering is another blog for another day, and you’ll love it!* One thing I thought I could do to spice up my signs is giving them a cool background. Crackled furniture and antiqued looking items are pretty popular right now so I decided to go for a crackled paint background for my hand lettering sign. You can easily go out and purchase crackle paint, and probably save some time, but I wanted to make a project out of it and save a few bucks. Here’s what you’ll need and how to do it.


Decide what color paint you want to show through vs. what color you are going to have on top. As you can see in this post’s main photo, my base color is dolphin grey and my top color is real navy. Once you know what your color scheme will be, you can get painting.

Grab you canvas/board and paint a coat or two of your base paint color. Make sure the entire surface is covered evenly. Let the paint dry. This should take an hour or two to dry. To be safe, you can let it sit overnight. 20160818_184141

Once the base coat is dry, you’re ready to make things crackle! Squeeze a generous amount of glue all over your board and use your paint brush to evenly distribute. You can also dip your paint brush in the glue and paint it on, if you prefer.

Let the glue dry slightly so it become tacky but NOT completely dry. When the glue become tacky, you can start painting on your top coat. I didn’t feel like dirtying any extra paint supplies so I poured my top coat paint right over the glue and spread the top coat paint evenly over the entire board. Make sure if you do this you use a fresh or clean paint brush. Also, make sure you don’t put the paint on too thick or it won’t crackle nicely.

Now wait… As the top coat paint starts drying you’ll notice it separating and the base coat paint showing through. Let the top coat dry completely.

Congrats! You just made crackle paint. You can now use your board/canvas as a base for another project or just enjoy it as is.



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